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U Process – enabling your business to perform at exceptional level

“We are going to have to act as ‘gazelles’ – to be true entrepreneurs or will not be in the phone book in the next 5 years”

– exclaimed a Senior Executive in the late 90’s.

The pressure on leaders has been increasing since as the complexity and uncertainty of business environments accelerated significantly. The digital age has brought in disruption with intensity and speed never seen before. In the face of high velocity business environment, the way decisions are made and strategy developed and executed, must change.

What is required for businesses to be able to solve most critical issues to remain competitive in a high velocity business environment?

A process that will enable you to access ‘deeper’ sources of knowledge relevant to your situation and propel you to act right now. Decision making and strategy development then become not so much about ‘deciding’ as about letting an inner wisdom emerge.

▼ The 7 principles of the U Process

The U Process uses 7 principles to create a single experience – that of creating actionable knowledge enabling your business to perform at exceptional level:

  1. Deepening personal awareness: Listening to self and others
  2. Release limiting beliefs: Suspend the ‘voice of judgment’ and open your mind
  3. Sense: Scan the business environment
  4. Identify driving forces at work and the chains of cause and effect
  5. Illumination: Access insights beyond the mind’s previous reach
  6. Test and Verify: Act in the moment
  7. Performing: Breakthrough results

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u process


Using these principles, the leadership team can continue to develop and execute the strategy, whilst maintaining the strategic direction.

Have you used the U Process before? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us via info@bmim.co.uk or 020 3601 8475

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