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How to stay open to all possibilities for making more money in your business?

More money

Have you ever found yourself wanting something and then adding the conditions under which you want this thing to happen? Such as “I want more clients, more higher paying clients BUT I do not want to work for it.”

In this post, we are going to show you why you could be limiting your possibilities for making more money and how to open up to all possibilities that are available to you.

We are going to restore your confidence in your ability to have more money, more clients, higher paying clients, more revenue, more ideas to repeat the revenue and anything else that you believe it is going to make you feel more successful and satisfied.

Conditions are manufactured

Here’s how.

When you started the business it was so much fun, wasn’t it? And once you dug into the details of it, then you started noticing some of the aspects that you did not like to do. And it was then when it started to feel not quite fun. And the topic of money came high on the list, didn’t it?

So, naturally you started to introduce conditions around this topic.

We have a client who said to us, rather assertively: “I DON’T want to make client appointments. I DO NOT want to pick up the phone and call people, nor do I want to send emails. I can attend meetings, but DO NOT ask me to make the appointments myself. And I want the sales to come, really fast. And we DO NOT have the money to hire someone else to do it. What do you suggest we can do about this?”

In a situation like this, when this particular business is essentially about sales and sourcing profitable locations,

our client has manufactured a lot of conditions around the topic of money and sales. By doing so, he is limiting himself to all possibilities available to him for obtaining more sales and more money.  

He is contradicting his own intention for more business by saying “I want more client, BUT….”. He is limiting himself and the business from all possibilities out there – the possibilities for more clients, for more money, for more revenue. Because he has manufactured conditions around this topic of money and sales.  

And he is not the only one. We all do this without realising that we are doing it.

The key question for all of us here is “How to stay open-minded and approach the “hard” topic unconditionally when we know that there are things in our businesses that we don’t like doing, similarly to the example I’ve given you here, or we don’t even have interest, but we want the results.

Conditions are limiting

I’ll give you another example: I met with a friend of mine who is a freelance developer. He wants to build an app for social matching and he said to me over lunch the other week:

“Bibi, this time I am going to do this differently (he has build a communication platform already that has not gone anywhere). I am not going to build this with my own money and in my on time. I want an investor to pay for this, for this platform. I want someone else to invest in the app, and I am looking to raise £300,000. I am going to contact and meet with 20 potential investors, within ONE month and I will see what they say. If they do not think this is a good app and they have no interest in investing in this, then I will abandon the whole thing.”

“Now, why would you limit yourself and the potential of this app and everything that this app can be and do”, I said. “Why are you introducing conditions, unnecessarily? Conditions around time, conditions around the investors interest, conditions around the amount of investment. All of them bogus and so specific that are limiting you to very little when there is SO MUCH MORE OUT THERE FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS?

And why would rely on the mood or the readiness of the investors you are presenting your idea to? Do you actually realise that a lot of people are just shopping around, not really ready to invest?”

This is a good example of limitations most of us tend to impose on ourselves, especially when we’ve had a bad experience. My friend previously had invested 4 years building a platform for communication and he could not find users for it. So the reason why he is introducing so many limitations in his new project is because of his dissatisfying experience first time around.

Unfortunately, life teaches us to think like this, to manufacture conditions, to impose limitations. The actions we take and the decisions we make come as a result of the way we think and the way life has thought us to think.

But if we want to fulfil our desires and get what we really want, such as the money, the clients, the growth, we need to stay open to all possibilities. We also need to clean up the resistance we have picked up along the way, from our past experiences.

On your way to more money

You need to find a way to get around the conditions; otherwise you will always feel limited, limited about what you expect from yourself or another. When you remove the condition, you will remove your resistance around the topic too.

The key is whilst you are in business to try to recreate that optimistic feeling you had when you first started, when it was non-conditional, when it felt most satisfying to you.

Do you remember when you first had an idea about your business and how it felt? It seemed easy and you felt strong impulses about it and that feeling being on the right track and how good it felt.

There was no resistance around what you were envisioning, was there? And things were happening pretty fast.

And then you begin doing the business. And once you dug into the details of it, then you started noticing some of the aspects that you did not like so much. And it was then when started feeling not quite so much fun.

You have the ability to be less conditional in your approach to it by reminding yourself how it was before and what you know, how much you’ve learnt.

The key is to approach your business unconditionally and then start thinking about the topic of money from renewed perspective and with refreshed eyes.

How to open up to what is possible

In the case of our client above, he did not manufacture all conditions at once.  It took some time for the conditions to develop and the more he got involved in his business, the more conditions he developed and the stronger these conditions become in his mind. The conditions came gradually, one by one. So if he wants to shift them he will need to work them out, one by one.  

When you notice that a condition is taking you out of your path to more money, do your best to take the condition out of the way and focus on things that bring you back on your path. That is, mostly good feeling thoughts, such as optimism, not pessimism; trusting, not doubting; patting yourself in the back, not criticising. Try to hold your mind in a better place more of the time.

Often, the conditions we introduce are making running a business less enjoyable, almost painful. And the journey of our business is meant to be fun, it is meant to be enjoyable. Business is meant to be fun, doesn’t it?

If you want to re-create that feeling of joy and fun, you need to re-fresh the way you think about this topic, without the conditions you have already manufactured, over time and through experience.

One way to do this is to find the reasons WHY you want more money. Why do you want more clients? Think of all the benefits you are going to experience as a result of having what you desire. And more importantly think how that will make you feel.

Get yourself to a new place, a place where you would already be experiencing the money you are after. And then, from that standpoint, approach the subject that you’ve made really hard for yourself.

You will discover that you either need to develop a skill to get to what you want, or buy the skills to get what you want, or the technology that will help you get what you want. Either way, your resourcefulness and your optimism will be so high that you will trace a path that will be really enjoyable and fun.

The path to get to more money will be something to look forward to, something you will feel eager about, something that will be clear and something you’d wish you thought about sooner. It is certainly not something you will dread, or limit, or stay guarded from.

If success is what you are after, we’d love to hear from you. We have a number of programmes that you will find interest in. Book your session now.


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