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‘U’ Lab – enabling breakthrough innovation

The tech revolution is transforming every industry. We have witnessed digitisation being embedded in almost every industry, some industries embracing it faster than others. We have seen a number of disruptions shaking the traditional way of doing business. The next 5 years are seen to be the most critical to the survival of most businesses. To become fit businesses will have to learn to make innovation ‘business as usual’.

How can you create continuous cycle of learning and action to create breakthrough innovations?

The ‘U’ Lab Innovation process can help you achieve this. The teams of PwC, Cisco, Fujitsu are already using it to innovate. Why can’t you?

The ‘U’ Innovation Lab is a process with 8 elements. The selection of the team is crucial.  It must be a true representative of the organisation, the unit, the function or the team so you have ‘the whole system in the room’. You will need a facilitator too, ideally a trained coach to navigate the team through the process.

▼ The typical 8 elements of the ‘U’ Innovation Lab process are the following

  1. Co-initiate: Identify opportunities, stakeholders, the key players
  2. Lay the foundations: Create shared understanding of purpose, process, roles and responsibilities
  3. Discovery Journeys: Arrange for observing and participation in relevant contexts
  4. Innovation retreat: Collective intelligence as a portal to discovery
  5. Common Commitment: select the most dominant initiatives
  6. Learning by Doing: Rapid cycle of prototyping of chosen initiatives
  7. Present Results: Present prototype to the Board and obtain buy-in
  8. Implementation: Pilot project

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breakthrough innovation

Try and practice this process with your team and get in touch to share the results with us by email: info@bmim.co.uk


> Request my free innovation meeting today! <

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