Leadership Development

Developing the leader within you:
Expand your influence and effectiveness

When to use this?

  • When you are given leadership position by the company, but want to be given this position by the people
  • Effective for newly appointed managers and leaders

What we deploy in your business

5Ps Framework: building your leadership capabilities: download here

Developing leadership culture:
Leadership-based principles

When to use this?

  • When you want to develop leadership skills and culture to achieve fast track growth


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What we deploy in your organisation?

7 principles to help your people climb the steps of leadership

  1. The higher you do, the longer it takes
  2. The higher you go, the higher the level of commitment (both your commitment to your people and their commitment to you), so you should climb the levels of influence with people to gain more commitment.
  3. The higher you go the easier is to lead (every time you climb the step, you put another foundation under you. People who follow you to higher levels are much more easier to lead, than the people at position level).
  4. The higher you go, the greater your success, the greater the success of the company.
  5. You never skip a level, you build on it (if you have ignored the level you have just left, that will pull you down, every time).
  6. As a leader you will not be on the same level as your people (at every level you have different people with you and the higher you go, the less people you have move with you. So when you cast a vision, you have different responses from people. People on a higher level will commit quickly and deeply and people on lower levels may not be able to relate).
  7. You must work to carry the leaders up the steps. It is important to carry with you your circle, as they will determine your success and will keep you there.

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