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This site reveals How to Double your Cash Flow, Increase your Returns…

…Even if you are Not a “Numbers Person”!

If you’d like to discover how to double your cash flow and increase your returns, this will be the most important site you’ll ever visit.

You’ve come to a place rich with content and tools to enhance your understanding of cash flow and returns in your business and how to improve this. You will gain the clarity have been seeking.

Here, you will find complex finance simplified and easy to use tools. You will experience more clarity about cash flow and returns than any book you read or course you attend.

But First, Read this Disclaimer

We are a team of finance enthusiasts, committed to creating brilliant and valuable content, strategies and tools to help CEOs of growing companies understand and improve cash flow and returns in their business. We help you discover why and how you are short of cash and what you need to do to transform this.

With over 15 years of experience, we have had the opportunity to practice and perfect cash flow management and finance leadership and we have a following as a result.

We love discovering new ways to making CEOs work easier and more enjoyable; creating products that are practical, informative and simple, products that bring transformative experience for the better.

Please understand that our RESULTS are not typical. The average person who buys ‘How-to’ information gets little to no results. WHY? Because results depend on many factors….background, work ethic, desire and focus on getting what you really want.

With that said…let me jump right in and let you know…

Exactly What You are Getting

BMIM Cash flow for CEOs

A 3-steps easy process to double your cash flow and increase your returns.

First of all, this is not like any other process, it is so much simpler and it is fun!

You will love this process because it is simple, informative and practical. You will learn without feeling the effort.

What Can You EXPECT During This Process?

First, you will read the book and share it with your management team, as you will find it so inspiring. There is no fluff, just strategies, tactics and tools that are working right now! You will want to share this ebook with your team and others who have always found it difficult to grasp the complexities of cash flow and finance who are looking for clarity in this area.

Then you will want to understand more, you will seek more in-depth knowledge to deepen your understanding of cash flow and returns in your business, specifically. You will also want to know what others are doing, through case studies. All of this content will arrive straight to your inbox, regularly.

And whilst Step 2 is happening, you will be able to access the FREE tools through the links within the blogs and practice using them. This will sharpen your focus in areas where the opportunities for cash generation lie. You will discover that you will want to make changes you always wanted to make, but you did not know how. And it will feel so natural to you. You will feel eager and encouraged to do something about your cash and returns.

And very soon you will experience improvement in your cash flow performance.

And there is MORE to this than Just a Process for Doubling your Cash flow

See, you will have so much fun reading our content and using our tools that you will want to extend their use in other areas of your business. You will use the knowledge and the tools and metrics we are giving you to run your management meetings. You will ask your team to use them too.

For example, you will be able to run your monthly management meeting, and your quarterly Board Meetings. The use of our tools and metrics will make these meetings more efficient, to the point and make sure they cover all areas of your business in just 60 minutes.

You will give the Board a one-page report that will summarise the performance of your business with a few key metrics – measures that will give you and others a different perspective on your business.    

Like we said, there is more to this than just a process for doubling your cash flow. Here is just a fraction of what you are getting…. (what your improved experience will look like):

  • MORE CASH from Day One! MORE RETURNS from Day One.
  • Knowledge and greater understanding of cash flow and returns in your business. You will have clarity on what to do and where to go to improve the situation you are in.
  • Understand the full cash flow picture of your business, from different perspectives: profitability, working capital, other assets and funding management.
  • Improved ability to discover opportunities for cash generation and improving returns.
  • Changed perspective when you look at your business – your focus will shift from the problem to the solutions and opportunities.
  • You will be more informed, more aware of what’s going on in your business – in all areas of your business.
  • Improved decision making: you will have the key information to make informed decisions about your business now and in the future; and you will now know how your decisions affect cash flow.
  • Clarity about how cash flows through your business and where it is stuck.
  • Visibility and transparency of all areas in your business: no more blind spots.
  • Improved management competence: you will be the example that everybody looks up to and tries to follow its leadership.
  • Control, more control over your finances and your business in general
  • Answers to your most pressing questions about cash flow and returns from your business.

You are right…..that is a lot of value and transformational experience you are getting.

And it gets better, because you are also getting….

Advanced METRICS to Use in your Management Meetings

On a one-page, you will be able to have your key metrics to measure performance of different departments:

  • For Marketing: to tell you where you are making money and where you are losing
  • For Operations: to tell you the cost of delivering the product or service to your customers
  • For Strategy: to tell you if your strategy is working

The best part of this is that it’s…

Specifically Designed for CEOs who are not “Numbers Person”

You are not an Accountant, nor a finance professional, but you need the knowledge of finance to run your businesses.

In less than 6 minutes you can turn your financial data into meaningful information with tons of insight. It is the speed and its simplicity that makes these products appeal to CEOs, even if you are not ‘numbers person’. The tools come with in-built formulas, so no need to do any calculations. Applicable to all businesses, of any size and of any model.  

We have simplified complex financial subjects and jargon and made it so easy to comprehend and master.

Beyond the role of the Accountant

Our 3-step process to double your cash flow and improve your returns, gives you the clarity you are seeking, the understanding you are seeking, the guidance for improved experience you are seeking.

One place where you can learn about cash flow in your business, more than any book you will ever read or any course you will attend.

We fulfil a role, beyond your Accountant’s one. We teach leaders about their cash flow and how they can unlock the potential for unlimited cash flowing into their business.

The next thing you will notice is this:

You will Know How to make MORE Cash and MORE Returns from DAY ONE

And you will do it without feeling pressure or relying on anyone externally to do this for you. Your awareness and knowledge would have expanded so much that all of this will feel so natural to you.  

You will start to have fun again running your business.

You will start to expect more cash to flow into your business. You will pay off the debts and get on the path to financial independence and freedom from financial institutions.

And you will be pleased to hear that your team will actually do most of the work for you when you use this approach.

Here’s what to do Next

Download the How to Double your Cash flow Overnight ebook and start reading TODAY. This is a 60-pages book, you will read it in less than 30 minutes.

The cost is ‘nil’ and you get it instantly by email as a download.

You will be automatically added to our readers list. You will then start receiving a great content to increase your understanding of your cash flow. There will be links to brilliant tools in this content. Go ahead, download them and start using them TODAY. The more you practice the use of the tools, the more clarity you gain about your cash flow and returns.

As you are moving along the process of discovering the blind spots in your business, you may wish to speak with us. Feel free to get in touch at any time. We are here for you, available physically and digitally.

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We realise that this is FREE, so you might wonder what the “catch” is.

And we know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something, but then they stick you in some program, that charges your card every month.

This isn’t one of them.

We are literally giving you this entire knowledge and tools for FREE, as the means to demonstrating real value.

Our hope is that you will love it and this will be the start of a great business relationship in the years to follow.

Time is of the Essence

With each day passing, you are missing on the opportunity to solve your most critical problem: how to double your cash flow and make more money.

Cash flow remains the biggest constraint in any business. Join those who are already using the process to generate more cash and more returns. You will feel better, you will feel financially free! You will have more fun running your business. You will make MORE MONEY.

And if you are wondering what is it in for us, we can tell you that we are not making any money on this right now.

So why would we do that?

Simple. We are making this offer with the idea that you will be very impressed with what we are giving you today and you will want to us on your journey to generating more cash and generating greater returns. We would love to co-create with you. Together we can discover new possibilities, reach new heights!

We are certain you will enjoy our blogs and tools so much, you will call and ask for more: you will ask for one-to-one sessions or book a seat for a Cash Flow Improvement workshop or even ask for more comprehensive analysis of the financial health of your business. There are so many ways in which we can co-create together. 

This is A Truly Limited Offer, so Download your FREE e-book now and get onto our readers list. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



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