BMIM Client Testimonials: Nothing but Happy!

BMIM clients testimonials

▼ Workshop Testimonials

“Great! Got me thinking”

Haruhiko Matsuda, Manager, PW. View event page… 


“Interesting opener, thought provoking! Business development tools already in use in similar format, but interesting to put them all together.”

Simon Fordham, Founder, The Fordham Henderson Partnership LLP. View event page…


“I enjoyed the workshop because everyone is and was open minded. Combining principles and theory from the U-Lab with experiencing first hand practice – with immediate impressive and lasting impact. Everyone instilled an atmosphere of respect and listening. The format works for me 🙂 The coaches and organisers – BMIM team walks the talk – professionals in the heart and execution. I would describe the experience as amazing and mind blowing – 120 minutes take you on a journey which you will never forget. It’s start of something bigger to be continued. Diving deep into your level of consciousness and asking yourself what the purpose is of my organisation (as applicable to what is the purpose ‘my contribution, what is the purpose of ‘society’) is a great ‘tool’ and focuses me to feel what resonates and ‘sits’, allows me to be truthful to myself. The steps of partnering up in duo’s trio’s and listening + sharing enhances the experience – collectiveness. And the pilot makes it real and provided food for thought to strive for the 0.9 –> 1 and beyond
I would go back to similar workshops because it is for me the start of a journey. It can be part of transforming myself, organisation, society, ecosystem any time of this journey as it evolves and transforms. It enables to listen and share ideas with like minded people. It generates positive energy. It brings people together and ignites ideas encouraged and designed through collective consciousness. It is a catalyst for sustainable change. Wonderful way of networking with great minds and souls – allowing us to be in the moment. Thank you!”

Kaat Vannieuwenborgh, IBM Europe. View event page…


“I enjoyed the workshop because it was a new approach to business related workshops. I would describe the workshop as insightful. I would go back to similar workshops because they offer relaxations techniques.”

Yewande Akinmohun, Founder, Savage Footwear. View event page…


“I enjoyed the workshop it was something different they took time to let us think and help us get our thoughts out. I would describe the workshop as peaceful, enlightening, progressive. I would go back to similar workshops because it would give me another opportunity to silence my mind whilst being creative.”

Carl Konadu, Founder, 2-3 Degrees. View event page…


“I enjoyed the workshop it was open, inclusive approach to the workshop. Good mix of backgrounds in the attendees. Soft touch on sales of follow-on workshops. I would describe the workshop as revealing, structured, unexpected. I would go back to similar workshops because the topics seem very relevant to the growth that I need to take my company further. I’m not sure that the pricing model fits for me at this stage. Thanks again for the opportunity!”

Chris Verbick, Founder, Cinter Design. View event page…


The workshop was really good. I expected some traditional talk about leadership, but it was not what I expected! It was good that the spiritual side was applied to the work environment and leadership capacity – and that there was a practical sense behind it. I found it really useful

Valerie Goode, Founder, Kitty Ferreira Ltd. View event page…


I really enjoyed it! It was unexpected, but really good!”

Seema Bennett, Director, EveryWoman. View event page…


I really enjoyed the workshop and I would like to learn more! I was so engaged, 120 minutes felt like 30 minutes! The benefit I see is that you allow your logic and passions to connect. I would definitely go back because this workshop forces things out of your subconscious and you gain a lot of clarity, affirmation and re-assurance.

Joanna Molyn, Transforming traditional education. View event page…


“As a natural creative and out of the box thinker I was surprised at what I learnt from the repetitive repeating process of the question I had formulated “How am I ….? And how this process triggered new ideas, approaches and responses from me over the course of this exercise. What I also found interesting was the variation of how the question was repeated back and the ways it was read and pronounced, further deepening the reflective process and drawing out of me more than what I would have hoped for. A very powerful and reflective creative methodology and catalyst. I was VERY pleased and surprised  – THANK YOU.”

Andrew Cowen, Founder & Chairman, The Future Care (UK) Ltd. View event page…


“I really enjoyed the event because it was an open environment. It felt very engaging and thought provoking. I would describe the experience as thoughtful, relaxing, calming. I would go back to similar workshops because it is inspiring actions in tough situations.”

Daniel Botcherby, Senior Product Developer, MyCognition. View event page…


“I really enjoyed the event because I learnt new ways to approach and resolve problems. I would describe the experience as energising and invigorating. I would go back to similar workshops because it helped me think more deeply and clearly about issues that are important to my work.”

John Odam-Adjei, Founder, Medasi. View event page…


“I really enjoyed the event because it provided some insights to something I am currently working on by forcing me to ask same questions again and again till I reach different answers to standing issues. I would describe the experience as refreshing. I would go back to similar workshops because it provided a good introspection opportunity.”

Sunil Joshi, VP Operations, NanoIT Solutions. View event page…

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▼ Testimonials from Management Services

Solution focused approach in designing the plan for intervention, delivered resourcefully. With BMIM we know that our business problems will be either managed, minimized or fully eliminated, ensuring we achieve the end goal

Akiba Nkofi, Managing Director of Caricom Products Ltd


I have worked with BMIM for over 2 years and I want to continue the relationship we have, as I find the team at BMIM talented, knowledgeable, with a wide range of skills, giving me the ‘go to’ place for all my business challenges

Mark Dalgety, CEO of Dalgety Corporation


We used BMIM Ltd to improve our credit control procedures and training. I’m glad to say it was one of the best decisions we made! With BMIM Ltd our debtors’ days reduced from an average of 90 days to 42 days per month.

V Tolosa, Managing Director of Firetecnics Systems Ltd


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▼ Testimonials from Articles

Interesting post Bibi – I like the idea of asking the right questions and translating them into KPI’s; a practical solution that could work for any business!

Accountants Birmingham  Read article…


Thank you for your tips. I really think that organisation and planning are the best tips to increase productivity.

Romina Giordano, Marketing Executive Read article…

Thanks for these amazing tools of advice. Anyone reading this will feel more confident and a lot less nervous when asking for a loan from the dreaded banker!

Naomi Read article…

Great article, thanks for sharing – I like the focus on value and quantity discounts vs ‘bundling’

Alice Davidchack, Managing Director at Business Engine Room  Read article…

Thanks for the food for thought

Leonore Lord, Vital Regeneration  Read article…


Being an entrepreneur at this day and age is a challenge not everyone can conquer. Tips like these are very helpful to have. I especially like tip #3 because I personally believe that there is no growth if there is no innovation.

Adam Harris, Swift Media Creatives  Read article…


Having the ability to influence others and inspire them to become better is a skill that every leader should have. Wonderful article to read, I was able to learn loads about the proper leadership skills needed to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.

Adam Harris, Swift Media Creatives  Read article…

Very nice article, we re-tweeted the link.

Sat Sindhar  Read article…

Great read – thank you.

Elaine Catherine Mahon  Read article…

This is a fantastic article [CIPD] and spot on in how an organisation can create a more resilient workforce.

Tianne Croshaw, founder of The Resilience Programme  Read article…

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▼ Testimonials from Speaking Events

Bibi has an informative, relaxed and friendly presentation style that demystifies cash flow management for any business owner.

Clayton M Coke, PRMS Ltd


Lively presentation and very authentic! My experience was excellent, interesting inputs and discussion.

Mitra Amirami, Greenwich University


Enthusiastic presentation – well organised – handled audience contributions well! My experience was positive and my curiosity increased, I wanted to learn more. I will definitely be more systematic at doing due diligence on business clients.

Clement Gadsby, Rivet Ltd


I enjoyed Bibi`s enthusiastic transfer of knowledge. The presentation was well prepared, well structured and presented with passion. Bibi made the topic more accessible.

Zsusza Sipos, Re-balance


Bibi’s practical, live and interactive way of management training is source for not only get focused but use it for performance result.

Manish Sheth, Sunglass Optics Ltd


Bibi’s workshop on re-inventing yourself for growth gave me lots to think about. As a solopreneur about to take on an assistant, she made me realise that I need to think way past the job description I’m composing. I need to think past what I need right now and consider how my assistant will be able to grow with my business.

Anne Barrett, Anne Barrett Business Support


Good and useful content

Janos Bagoly, Purchasing Manager,Business Bank Exchange BBX


Great event. Would like to have 1-2-1 consultation

Sunil Gupta, Director, Sunsure UK


Professional, quite interesting and on the top of London market

Al Ameen Al Azzawi, CEO, Virgo Group


Very well organised, the guest speakers were relevant and interesting

Justin Fish, General Manager, Purcell Radio Systems Ltd


Well balanced panel

Raj Chandarana, Accounts Assistant, Raj Consultancy


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