‘U’ Lab Innovation Workshops

Enabling teams and individuals to create breakthroughs in any field!

Learn how the leaders of PwC, Fujitsu and Cisco are gaining knowledge for action needed at the moment to solve critical problems.

Why use the ‘U’ Lab Innovation Workshops?

  • Reach out to all possibilities relevant to your situation, right now
  • Enhance and nurture your ability to create and innovate
  • Co-create an environment where your creativity will be at the forefront

When to use The ‘U’ Lab Innovation Workshops?

  1. When you and your team need to make complex decisions
    1. Develop Board Strategy
    2. Create new growth platforms
    3. Develop and implement strategy whilst simultaneously maintaining strategic direction
  2. When you need to solve critical issues in your organisation, unit or function
    1. Create breakthrough Innovations
    2. Solve systemic organisational issues
    3. Deliver high value/high consequence, high/value risk projects
  3. When you want to turn around the performance of the individual, the team or the organisation
    1. Create collaborative environments
    2. Remove fear and embed trust, personal responsibility and respect
    3. Create culture of learning and growth
  4. When you are still confident in your business yet concerned about developing growth options

    1. Compete in a disruptive environment
    2. Embrace and fulfil the higher purpose of the organisation
    3. Commit to high performance thinking
    4. Embrace the power and control of the ecosystem

Outcome you can expect: Organisations and Individuals who have experienced the ‘U’ Lab Innovation Workshops report:

  • Increased focus and better decision making
  • Enhanced innovation and creativity
  • More effective critical thinking
  • People are better able to manage themselves and others at work
  • Positive impact on the corporate culture overall

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