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Why your financial goals don’t seem to get completed? (and how to go about it)
Finding “True North”: How to tell if an opportunity is pulling you in the direction of more money?
How to stay open to all possibilities for making more money in your business?
How to stay solution-focused when you are losing money?
Identifying “True North”: How to define your financial goals with certainty?

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    • " An informative, relaxed and friendly presentation style that demystifies cash flow management for any business owner

      Clayton M Coke - PRMS Ltd

    • " A practical, live and interactive way of management training is source for not only get focused but use it for performance result

      Manish Sheth - Sunglass Optics Ltd

    • " I like the idea of asking the right questions and translating them into KPI’s; a practical solution that could work for any business!

      Accountants - Birmingham


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