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BMIM Cash flow is the finance arm of BMIM. We are a team of Finance enthusiasts, committed to creating brilliant and valuable content, strategies and tools to help CEOs of growing companies understand and improve cash flow and returns in their business. We help you discover why and how you are short of cash and what you need to do to transform this. We guide and assist.

As progressive Business Finance Experts, we love discovering new ways to making CEOs work easier and more enjoyable; creating products that are practical, informative and simple, products that bring transformative experience for the better.

  • We educate – for greater understanding

  • We advise – for transformational experience to generate more money and returns

  • We give tools and processes – for continuous improvement 

  • We hold regular Cash Flow Improvement sessions – see upcoming workshops here.

Who is behind?

BMIM Cash flow Finance expert

Business Finance Expert, Bibi Martin founded BMIM in 2011 to assist established SMEs in their transition – either growth or re-invention or rescuing for better success.

Bibi and her team at BMIM Cash Flow have helped many CEOs improve their cash flow and generate more returns. We are passionate about enabling businesses to gain financial independence, and we have made this affordable. Our background is in cash flow management and finance within fast growth SME environment. We’ve always been part of the SME world and we know how to deliver measurable results time and time again.

Key facts about Bibi:

  • Deep understanding of Finance, HR and Operations and IT Operations.
  • Success record in creating momentum during scaling-up stages of organisational development 45% growth rate, compound year on year.
  • Driving transformational growth, restructuring and leading at times of uncertainty. From loss making to 35% EBIT over 1 year period; cash position from -£500k to debt free and £500K cash position over 2 year period.
  • Masters degree in International Banking and Finance.

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BMIM Cash Flow

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