Critical Stages of Organisational Development

Every organisation has a natural and predictable life cycle. By analysing it, we can predict the problems your organisation will face and determine how best to resolve/avoid with them.

The challenges that every organisation must overcome at each stage of development first manifest themselves as problems that arise from the growth and success of the company; and from external changes in markets, competitors, technology, the general business and political environment.

The Sparks

Sales increasing & cashflow is strong.
The Flame

Sales slowing down, profitability is declining.
The Blaze

You have done it!
The Combustion

Subtle hiccups caused by complacency.
The Inferno

Survival of the fittest.


Helping you transition successfully into greater organisational maturity, so you can experience the joyful sense of organisational re-invention and growth.


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Different parts of your organisation can be at different stages of development e.g. Finance function in Combustion stage and Marketing function in the Blaze stage. To add to this complexity, during the transition, your organisation will behave closer to the previous stage of development rather than to the next stage of development. Your organisation will move to the next stage of development only when it feels confident overall. In crises you will feel stuck and when you try to move you will regress back to the previous stage of the life cycle, where you feel more comfortable and safe.

Most businesses are often unaware of the fact that transition is happening. All they wish for is a relief from the crises. They are not willing to suffer the pain of giving up the outgrown and cling to their old patterns. They fail to grow and experience the true sense of re-birth that accompany the successful transition into a greater maturity.

> Take the test and find out where you stand! <

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