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Technology Business: Task with the vision in mind

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So many tools, so little time

You are building technology and it keeps changing, keeping up is hard. When you are generating a client list that seems to be ever growing, managing the projects and/or products delivery is the focus of everyone’s time. This is great, but when everyone is head down, getting their part of the product/project out the door, no-one is concentrating on the bigger picture and, often, not even considering what happens when they have thrown their part over the fence to the next delivery team.

You may think you don’t have time to worry about this. That if everyone is doing what they are supposed to, it will get done and the customer will get what they need.

Whilst everyone is doing their part, the links connecting each delivery functions is where gaps will appear and communication may break down to the extent that it can become obvious to your customers. Anything that goes wrong can be blamed on someone else and everyone can get entangled into a blame game.


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Before you try and solve this with an all singing all dancing technical solution, you need to remember that people still need to implement and use this system. The cracks you are trying to paper over, will still be there. You need to ensure that any system you use works for the required tasks and the people delivering those tasks.

When you are head down and knee deep yourself, how do you decide what to do first and where to look. I would always recommend getting someone with clear head and no preconceptions come in and assess the needs you have.

The most important questions you (or they) need to ask: What does the customer want? What does the customer need to remain satisfied? How do we provide them with what they need? How do we communicate with them? How do we solve a problem if it arises? How do we record the problem? Who solves that problem? Who communicates with the customer?

Once you know the best way to deliver to the customer, the questions you need to ask yourself is, who does what and is that what I want them to do? If they do what I want them to do, how are they recording the information I need and the other teams need. What information do each team need to do their jobs, where do they get it from? How is it recorded? What information do I need to run my business? what information do I want? How much time do I want people to spend recording this information?

Where are there breakdowns in communication? Why? Who passes what tasks to each other? How? Why?

When you have answers to these questions, you may not even need new IT infrastructure, but at least you know what works already and how to fill the gaps, if there are any.


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By Ghilaine Chan. Do you have a question or would like to know more? Contact us on 020 3601 8475 or info@bmim.co.uk

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