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Business Services: Coolness of Thought and Consideration

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Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing!

You have more new customers than you can shake as stick at. You need organisation, you need systems, you need process. Problem is, you don’t know where to start and, worse still, you don’t have time to spend on getting it right. When you are swamped and you have more work than time, the last thing you need to do is to rush into any new IT system. Any technology you use should be implemented with time and consideration.  When you are trying to build a wall and the quickest thing you can find is a dessert spoon to mix concrete, you either won’t get decent concrete or you won’t have the staying power to get the concrete mixed, let alone build a wall.

Your most important task right now is to prioritise. In this instance, your priority is servicing your customers. You have managed to get them beyond interest. Losing them now will cost you a lot of time and money.

Understand that any systems or processes you implement now are likely not to last very long. They work in this current headless chicken way. What you need to do is take a short amount of time and work out what currently works.

What technology do you have implemented already that works well enough. You don’t have time to get the right system, just one that everyone can implement and learn quickly. The best example of this is the one you already use. You are not in a position right now to work out what will work, what will scale with you and what you need. So don’t try and force yourself to be.

Take a breath

When you decide on any IT infrastructure to complement your processes and systems, you need to understand what they are there to achieve, who needs them and what you want them monitor/manage or report. Those tasks take a little bit of time, probably some outside help and a lot of thought. You don’t want to buy the first thing that seems to solve your current firefighting.

This is not the time to try and work out what you need and how to implement it. When you just want to get your head down and concentrate on the task in hand, you need someone (internally or externally) to take on the task of recording your current processes and systems and mapping them to where you want to be. Once you have an idea of those items, you can build a list of requirements for your business, team and customers. This means you have a list of the right questions to ask any vendor of the systems you need to implement.

This should not be done in the heat of the moment, but in coolness of thought and consideration.


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