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Professional services firms: Maximising the potential of the Internet

Professional services

A few professional services firms have used the web to transform their business. Are you one of them? If not, below are some suggestions on how you can fully utilise the Internet’s potential as a marketing tool.

1. Digitising 

Create and sell new range of digitally driven services and products:
• Reach out to new markets, nationally and internationally.
• Repackage intellectual property, so it can be sold as downloadable digital products such as presentations, case studies, videos, podcasts etc. 
• Establish your competitive advantage by reviewing your competitors.
• Promote your events, using social media and emails. 
• Consider creating low cost services you can sell via the website.
• Promote services of other organisations you are associated with and receive a referral fee or have them reciprocate by referring prospects to you.

2. One-stop-shop 

Showcase and promote all your service areas
• Use the home page to promote different service areas by running special features or offers.
• When a client starts to purchase any basic online product or a service, offer a premium package and all other related products they could be interested in.

3. Reputation 

Brand yourself as premium service provider with professionally looking website backed by compelling content.

4. Re-inventing 

Test your new ideas, products and services:
• Test the potential of new products and services with online surveys.
• Refine new ideas and concepts with interactive demonstrations.
• Continue to invest time in research and understanding market trends.

5. Referring 

Leverage word-of-mouth marketing:
• Develop your referral network by maintaining an active online presence. 
• Engage in debates and discussions using social media to demonstrate industry experience.

6. Regenerate

Attract prospects at low cost:
• Create Q&A section on your website to start dialogue with prospective clients and build a database of prospective clients.
• Focus on highly targeted, segmented groups of prospects with email campaigns.
• Impress prospective clients by offering online webinars on current business topics.
• Develop relationship with bloggers and reporters, so you can publish press releases and promote news-worthy events.

7. Retaining

Strengthen and deepen existing client relationships
• Use the Q&A feature on your website to keep your clients engaged.
• Reinforce your expertise with a compelling content such as case studies, white papers or articles.
• Keep clients engaged by sending them weekly newsletters with relevant articles customised by industry.  
• Create continuous one-to-one dialogue with personalised emails.

8. Re-acquiring 

Win your lost clients back
• Follow up with personalised emails periodically, ideally with important industry news or case studies to re-kindle interest.
• Circulate news of your successful projects and new developments.

Use the above suggestions to use the full potential of the Internet. They are however just guidelines, not a set formula. Ultimately, what you use will depend on your company and the stage of customer relationships.

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