Restructuring for Survival and Financial Turnaround

Financial Restructuring

Company: Manufacturing business

Industry: Food

When: March 2015

Why did you seek intervention?

The business was not making the projected levels of revenue, due to the distributor’s focus on other priorities. As a result we decided to remove the exclusivity clause in the distribution agreement and open the distribution to other distributors, to which the original distributor reacted with a winding up order. We engaged BMIM to help us save the business and enable it to continue operating.

What was the outcome of the engagement of BMIM?

  • increased the gross profit margin from 45% to 55% (22% immediate uplift) by outsourcing the manufacturing process
  • changed the business priorities – introduced new products, upgraded the existing ones
  • focused our limited resources on business development – 60% revenue increase in 12 months period


Without BMIM we would carried on borrowing as we were not making enough money to meet our commitments. BMIM were able to provide solutions on the spot and help us implement them successfully. Their ability to drive transformation gave us the confidence we needed to turn the business around.

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