Financial Turnaround and Re-invention

Financial turnaround

Company: Specialist works in civil engineering and production of building materials

Industry: Construction

When: March 2016

Why did you seek intervention?

The business has been in existence for 30 years. Very strong on IP, pioneers in its field, but ageing business relationships and negative cash flow. We needed a Financial turnaround: an intervention to turn the business around and provide solution for the negative cash flow.

What was the outcome of the engagement of BMIM?

  • monetised our IP without engaging extra resources – introduced and implemented subscription model  for our methodologies – recurring monthly revenue and cash generation to close the gaps in demand and finance the next big project
  • greater protection of our IP
  • we can earn money even if we do not win the tender
  • new revenue streams 15%-30% projected increase and 400% uplift in EBIT


BMIM were able to provide quick impact solutions without putting extra strain on resources.

We now have additional revenue stream which we could turn into a separate business unit and expand it internationally. We are no longer dependent on politics. This business relationship will continue for the years to come.

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