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Building resilience, happiness and wellbeing in your workplace

wellbeing at work

How can I ask my employee to take care of customers if I am not asking him to take care of his own health? – is the question we should all be asking ourselves as managers and directors.

For decades, employers have been focusing on employee engagement in the attempt to help people feel happy, competent and satisfied in their roles. Employee engagement strategies are however just part of the story. Evidence shows that improving wellbeing at work helps people be more creative, more loyal, more productive and provide better customer satisfaction. Improving well-being at work requires more rounded approach that focuses on helping employees to:

  • Strengthen their personal resources i.e. health, resilience, optimism, self-esteem
  • Flourish and take pride in their roles within the organisational system
  • Generate good functioning, both as individuals and in collaboration with their colleagues
  • Have a positive overall experience of work i.e. happiness, joy, contentment

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One route to take is to build resilience, happiness and wellness in your workplace by taking the following steps:

Step 1

Create an open environment for employees to learn about their own well-being and share the ideas with their colleagues.

Step 2

Help each employee identify how change affects them positively.

Step 3

Develop ideas for improving happiness and well-being at work. For example, have brainstorming sessions with your team about what you could do that would help improve your employees.

Step 4

Identify and assess how the organisational system e.g. material conditions, work and productivity, income levels and stability etc. interacts with employee’s personal resources e.g. autonomy, competence, feeling safe and secure, connected with others to create happiness at work. Do this for every employee.

Step 5

Create an action plan to close the gaps on an individual and organisational level.

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Here are some ideas and examples of what you can do to build resilience, wellness and happiness in your organisation:

  • Create resilience by enabling employees to cope with pressure or managing pressure points out of their roles.
  • Introduce flexible working hours to minimise the level of interruptions and aid work-life balance.
  • Re-evaluate salary distribution among employees to maximise overall organisational well-being.
  • Ensure your staff is aware of what they need to do to make their jobs secure. Job security is linked to higher job satisfaction.
  • Increase staff morale and performance by helping your employees in control of their role.
  • Practice participative management style to strengthening well-being at work.
  • Creating a safe working environment, free of abuse and a sense of the social value of the work of the organisation to increase employees’ feelings of job satisfaction.
  • Design the roles to suit employee’s strengths. This will increase employee happiness, strengthen their expertise and make them really committed.
  • Create opportunities for employees to connect and improve relationships – with a particular focus on relationships with their managers – and encourage positive feelings to improve both job and life satisfaction.


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