The Combustion

The Combustion Situation

The Combustion: Subtle hiccups caused by complacencyThe growth pace has drastically slowed down and you are starting to lose market share. Although the company’s cash is abundant, the team’s capability to produce results has declined. The team is complacent; they avoid making any changes to stay away from potential conflicts. Form starts to dominate function: people address themselves by their last name, the executive offices are luxurious, the dress code is overly formal, the decor is lavish and communication is too official.


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▼ The Combustion Problems

You are too inflexible to deal with disruption from new players and the competition with better products or marketing strategies. Organisational politics limit the quality of decision making. Decisions take longer to make. You are losing market share.
People are aware that the business is not doing well anymore, but they still maintain a ‘business as usual’ attitude. Careful not to upset anyone; people do not voice their opinions openly. The company is in denial.


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▼ The Combustion Consequences

You hope to increase revenue by raising prices – not a good move in a declining market share. Eventually you start to cut costs.

You realise you need to revive the company; so you purchase an innovative business in a growing market. This decision can result in one of two outcomes:

  1. Your slow decision making might miss the opportunity of the acquisition, as the younger business has to move fast.
  2. You manage to purchase the new company, but one of your executives appointed to run the business might kill the entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and vitality that this business is supposed to bring. Both businesses will be affected.

Alternatively you decide to merge with another company from your industry. This will create a lot of cultural clash, which you will need to be prepared for.


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▼ How can we help?: The Combustion Solution

Your company can do so much more than it is currently doing. As an outsider, we will not be biased by the heavy politics in the organisation. We will plunge to the root cause of the issues and help in the rebirth of the company into the Blaze stage. To achieve this, we will:
We will help you eliminate complacency and bring the vitality back into your organisation by:


  • Focus the Organisation and its Leadership on value creation
  • Take the role of a Business Advisor and Integrator
  • Help you with Financial and Commercial due-diligence.
  • Work on the business to ensure compliance and effective control before, during and after acquisition and merger.
  • Act as a custodian of Assets and Value Protection
  • Prepare for and support the transition of Financial and Information Systems during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Transition Cost – cost estimation and cost control
  • Individual and company Performance Measurement linked to company objectives and priorities
  • Identify the key value drivers that will make the newly formed organisation successful

Human Resources:

  • Design and implement Reward System that incentivises performance and contribution.
  • Help you set up the team’s infrastructure and fill the gaps in teams and competence with contractors.
  • Create Cultural Alignment between the business units.
  • Train, Coach and Mentor the teams to strengthen the company capability and competence
  • Eliminate the fear and uncertainty in the organisation with an effective Communication Plan – accurate information flow to clarify why Merging is the best move, how the new organisation will feel and how it will affect their work.
  • Establish a model to address people’s issues.
  • Talent Retention and Development with the focus on transitioning the core competencies.
  • Assimilate the acquired company key competencies into the new organisational portfolio of talents.
  • Team Integration and Cultural Alignment: cultural mapping, organisational structure development and alignment between strategy, tactics and governance.
  • Create healthy leadership team aligned with the vision and core values.
  • Create practices for knowledge transfer and learning.
  • Cultural Assessment: describing and evaluating the company’s philosophies and values for issues such as leadership styles, time horizons, risk tolerance and the value of individual work vs. teamwork.
  • Create transition teams
  • Align the right people with the right skills and knowledge to the common vision and purpose.
  • Develop new Policies and Practices that suit the newly formed organisation.
  • Manage the Learning Process – reward learning, provide responsibility for learning, set up learning driven career plans.


> Take the test and find out if you are in The Combustion! <



  • Help you prepare and facilitate the transition of your operations during mergers and/or acquisitions.
  • Help you integrate the newly acquired organisation, preserving the key attributes that made it attractive in the first place.
  • Integration of day-to-day Systems and Processes to achieve key strategies.
  • Programme manage the integration
  • Create a System for fast resolution of issues brought by both organisations.
  • Integrate the distribution to eliminate duplication of activities and costs.
  • Help you maintain your energy and focus on your core business during the transition period, so you retain your customers.


  • Examine all facets of the merger or acquisition ecosystem then re-evaluate in the context of the new organisation.
  • Change the Organisational Behaviour by shifting the structures of power to focus the organisation on opportunities.
  • Help you during and post-acquisition – establish governance, facilitate communication and prepare and implement detailed implementation plans.
  • Help you identify the common purpose and the vision of the newly formed organisation to aid the integration.
  • Create and evaluate the new Structure.
  • Transition the core competencies of the acquired organisation.
  • Redesign a Functional Structure for information systems which will sustain decentralised accountability, more effective incentive systems and resource allocation to encourage profitability and high performance (rather than complacency).  Management Systems Accreditations

IT Operations

  • Technological Integration – IT and other systems.


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