The Sparks

The Sparks Situation

The Sparks: Sales increasing & cashflow is strong!Sales have taken off, cash flow is strong and new projects are flourishing. There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day! You are considering getting involved in other businesses – so many opportunities you had not spotted before!

There are more priorities on your agenda than you can handle; all of them urgent! You do not have the time to listen to the advice of others on what you should focus on next – after all, it is your focused approach and risk taking attitude that have brought you the success you are enjoying now.


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▼ The Sparks Problems

Profits are not following the same upward trend as your sales. The incentives to increase revenue are not linked to empirical data affecting your bottom line – you rely on hear-says and approximations when giving discounts to distributors, commissions to your sales people, rebates to clients. This is because your cost-accounting system is not mature enough to support the growth of sales, failing to give the information you need to run the business successfully.

The delivery team is playing catch up. Customer complaints are growing and the business is wasting resources in fixing and ‘fire-fighting’. You start reflecting: is the team really working to its optimum level? You begin to identify and criticise the weak links: they are not executing your ideas the way you envisioned it. This is frustrating: you realise that you cannot trust them to do things the way you would.


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▼ The Sparks Consequences

Your bottom line is affected by generosity in discounts to distributors, commissions to your sales people and rebates to clients. Sales have become addictive and the sales team thinks that more is better, making promises without knowing they can deliver.

Staff is unable to deliver to their promises to customers and end up frustrated with overwhelming workload, unclear responsibilities, blurry goals, vague communication and unproductive meetings. A blame culture and heated arguments prevail in the company. The good ones resign, and the time taken to recruit new staff slows you down.

If issues are not addressed in time, disaster is bound to strike – this will be either a lesson learnt or it will destroy you completely.


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▼ How can we help?: The Sparks Solution


  • Implement effective Financial control
  • Set up Financial and Information Management System to help you make informed and timely decisions, reduce waste and accelerate cash, to support growth and sales.
  • Budgeting
  • Set up Cost-Accounting Systems to help you control your cost during steep growth in sales.
  • Increase Performance Transparency by making the company plans and performance visible to all employees and implement a system for tracking and managing the cascading of the company priorities and KPIs.
  • Reduce your debtors’ days to generate cash.
  • Cash Acceleration Strategies – shorten the cash conversion cycle, eliminate mistakes and improve your business model and P&L.

Human Resources:

    • Recruit, Train and Develop your new staff.
    • Strengthen your leadership team by hiring leaders with competencies that complement the existing ones to enhance the capability of your organisation and supports smooth the delegation and decentralisation
    • Develop winning teams with common set of values an complementary strengths and limitations.
    • Create functional systems to ensure accountability and responsibility for each member of the team to eliminate blame culture.
    • Align the HR processes and activities with the core values and purpose (Hiring, Orientation, Appraisal, Recognition etc.)
    • Create Culture of Accountability – the right people, doing the right things right – to ensure goals are met.
    • Cultural and Organisational Alignment between the team and the company’s mission and end goal.
    • Develop Reward System aligned with company goals and targets, supporting growth and sales.


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  • Set up and implement frequent and accurate Reporting and Analysis System of customer data to increase customer loyalty.
  • Put in place strong and scalable Delivery Structure to help you consistently exceed customer’s expectations and create WOW effect.
  • Create infrastructure and develop Systems & Policies to help you to transit to the next stage of organisational development.
  • Set up and implement a Quality Management System.
  • Mature your Commercials: including contracts and pricing.
  • Optimise your delivery to ensure consistency, so you can meet your service levels and deadlines.

Organisational Leadership:

  • Institutionalise your leadership to move from management by intuition to management by data, information and insight.
  • Develop Delegation Support System: skills, systems, trust a respect to support delegation and eventually decentralisation.
  • Keep you and your team focused by helping you prepare for a month, six months, a year every time.
  • Make your Core Values and Purpose come alive by helping you articulate your purpose, discover your values and communicate these to your team.
  • Develop discipline to marshal your resources and ignore issues that are not strategic priority.
  • Help you tackle Decentralisation: transfer the responsibility for strategic decision making to your key management team.

IT Operations:

  • Create secure, scalable and agile IT Infrastructure to accomplish efficiencies and business continuity.


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