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We know how serious you are about your company’s success. We also know you’d like to find out how to tap into that hidden potential and create a business that is in sync with your vision.

The report that you will soon receive will highlight the situation your business is in. It will help you fully understand the problems you are facing, how to overcome them and what your company needs for a healthy growth.

All you need to do is complete the Company Development Assessment. Once we have this information, we will begin analysis and send you the report as soon as possible.

The ‘Basic Report’ takes about 48 hours to complete, whereas the ‘Comprehensive Report’ requires a meeting with one or all of your leaders and it will be available 48 hours after the meeting.

You will learn about your company even more. The report will give you clues of what to do next to increase your chances of success.

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‘Basic Report’ Company Development Assessment

By understanding where you are, you will understand what’s coming next. This will help you attack the problems instead of attacking each other.

Here is what we will include in the ‘Basic Report‘:

  • An outline of the current stage(s) of your company growth with situational analysis.
  • What should leadership do for healthy growth.
  • Consequences of failure to address the problems.

As soon as we receive your formal confirmation, we will start working on your report. This document will take up to 48 hours to complete. When it is ready, we will send it to you directly via email.

basic report company development assessment

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‘Comprehensive Report’ Company Development Assessment

The ‘Comprehensive Report’ includes everything that is in the ‘Basic Report’, plus:

  • Normal and abnormal problems your company has developed during growth.
  • Prescription for success.
  • Leadership style suitable for the growth stage of your company.
  • Priorities you need to focus in the next quarter and the next 6 months to solve those problems.
  • How you can implement our framework to:
  1. Double the rate of your cash flow
  2. Triple the industry average profitability
  3. Increase the value of the firm
  4. Make the growth journey more enjoyable for all involved – employees, customers, stakeholders

As soon as we receive your formal confirmation, we will get in touch to book a meeting with one or all of your leaders. We will start working on your report after we have completed the initial findings meeting. The report will take up to 48 hours to complete, following the meeting. When it is ready we will send it to you directly via email.

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Here is what our most recent clients said about the Company Development Assessment: 

“Thanks for the report. It looks very interesting. Plenty in the report resonates with me!”

Justin Fish, General Manager

“I found the Report interesting and informative and the ‘Organisational Development’ results from the questionnaire quite accurate”

George Zorzy, Operations Director

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