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How to make SMART money decisions…even if you are a non-finance CEO

Format: Workshop

How to make SMART money decisions…even if you are a non-finance CEO

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Smart business decisions make money. We see leaders time and time again, make decisions and then wait hoping that their decisions would have the money they’d hoped for. But they do not know “if” or “how much”.

How to deal with uncertainty in decisions making?

A practical, hands-on workshop for CEOs of start-ups and established growing businesses with a business cash flow expert

Business money expert, Bibi Martin, will show you the latest formula for working out how much money (cash and profit) your decisions are going to make you. You will learn the 7 components you need to factor in when making money decisions (not just price and cost).

If you want to make SMART money decisions this is a must-attend.

CEOs of growing businesses will learn how much money they are going to make from the new deal, or from the new product line, or from selling more at the discounted price or from any change in the business terms they are making. And what all of this is doing to the business value.

And if are a growing business, you are going to learn how much you will need to borrow to sustain your growth.

Come along to this interactive workshop to try out this formula yourself. Bring your financials, so you can use it on your business, specifically (with our guidance and support). And we promise you, no calculations…

This is the only formula to help you make smart money decisions that takes into conservation your specific business terms (not just price and cost). It is the most powerful, super useful and really easy to use tool.

Register your attendance and join us for some thought-stimulating, energetic and fun interaction.

City Business Library
IT Room

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