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How to help CEOs make more money from their business?

Format: Workshop

How to help CEOs make more money from their business?

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**Exclusive for financial professionals**

Do you want to get CEOs to make more money from their business? And become the expert who shows them how to generate more cash from their business?

A practical, hands-on workshop, with a Business Money expert for Finance professionals engaged by growing businesses.

CEOs of growing companies come to you with all sorts of questions about finances, especially for advice on cash flow issues. You want to have the answer and more importantly, be understood, which can be a challengewhen trying to communicate with non-finance CEOs

Business money expert, Bibi Martin, will show you the latest formula for getting CEOs to make more money in their business. You will learn how to uncover the money blind spots in the business and present this visually. You will also learn how to get your CEO to improve their cash flow, profit and business value.

We will show you, through practical and real life examples, how to engage with your CEO in a meaningful conversation, one that generates more money for their business.

Accountants will learn how to add a lot more value to CEOs by helping double their cash flow rate year-on-year…and they can increase the billable rate for that client too!

Finance Advisors can strengthen the financial position of any business they work with,by showing CEOs how they can make more money.

CFOs and FDs will learn how to use this information to influence the business overall and make finance matters easy to understand for other non-finance decision makers. They can help others see how much money their daily decisions are likely to make – cash and business value.

So, come along to this interactive workshop to try out this formula yourself. Bring the financials with you (actual or forecasted) for the most recent 2 years, so you can try this formula yourself on the business you’d like to help improve. And we promise you, no calculations….

You will walk out with a report, with numbers from the business you are working on, which you can start to use today.

This is the only formula that takes into consideration specific business terms (not just price and cost). It is the most powerful, super useful and really easy to use.

Register your attendance and join us for some thought-stimulating, energetic and fun interaction.


– Bridge the “language” barrier with CEOs by learning to show them what is easy for them to understand.

– Learn how to help CEOs make more money from their business operation.

– Enhance your CPD.

– Boost your credibility with CEOs.

– Enhance engagement with CEOs and win new business.

– Overcome the limitations of accounting softwares – access automated analytics to uncover the money blind spots in a business in just 6 minutes!

– You will be able to provide added value to CEOs and you will consequently be able to charge higher for your services.

– Help you CEOs strengthen their relationship with their bank.


– A report with numbers from the business you want to help.

– Greater skills, knowledge and understanding of how to help CEOs make more money.

– Methodology for boosting cash, profit and business value which you could use to make more money yourself.


Register here to secure your slot. 8 seats only per workshop.

Due to the interactive and practical nature of this workshop, we have only 8 seats available. Register now to grab your seat!

Please arrive at 9:45am for a 10:00 start

City Business Library
The Guildhall

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