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Cash flow and Business Value Boost

Format: Workshop

Cash flow and Business Value Boost

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Have you ever wondered what your business is worth? Do you want to find out, the easy way?

FREE workshop for CEOs of start-ups and established growing businesses with a business Cash flow expert.

This hands-on workshop will show you how to work out what your business is worth. We will cover the different drivers of cash flow and profit and how you can use them to boost the value of your business. We’ll also take you through a cash flow exercise, so you can put this into practice.


– Business value is a critical issue – people overvalue their business.

– You want to increase the value of your business in the years to come and want to know HOW. Or…maybe you are just curious to find out what your business is worth right now.


– How to create more value for you and your business.

– How to assess the value of your business, the easy way.

– What you need to do to reach the business value ‘figure’ you have in mind.

– Learn how much you could borrow (to support your growth).

– Learn the key metrics for sustainable growth. Discover the code of your business – your Impact of One!


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