IT Project Management

IT Project Management


Our client was a US pharmaceutical company.  They were primarily a research company, based in California. but had a new treatment that they wanted to sell in Europe.  They had no presence in Europe, and needed to setup up a marketing and salesforce from nothing.  An IT infrastructure was required to support the new operations


Their IT team were too busy to set up a new infrastructure remotely, and had no experience of supporting multiple sites & users remotely.


We set up from scratch the IT infrastructure and support service, finding local suppliers in each country for internet, phones, printers as well as a local support company to attend if “boots on the ground” were required.  We provided the extra resource, our involvement flexing up and down to meet the needs of the project.


We were on site at the opening of each office, meeting the people and the new suppliers and making sure everything was working, from the IT and audio visual side.  We fully documented the sites as we went along.

The outcome from the intervention:

We were able to deploy all 9 sites in time for their regulatory approval, to make the most of their patent periods.  Every delay directly resulted in lost revenue, revenue that could not be recouped a the end of a patent period.  And the medicine was in the hands of patients far more quickly than could have been managed without the extra resource,

In addition, we were able to help with other requirements that came up as we moved through the deployment, including a pan European, multi-language call tree to route patient calls for queries and medical emergencies, and a remote backup solution for staff who rarely visited their office.

Finally, our experience rubbed off on the US operation, as we encouraged them to start using best practice and mobile backup technologies in the home country.

The future:

With minimal involvement from their hard-pressed IT team, the business was able to double staff numbers to 500 in 18 months and deploy to 9 new international locations.  The sites are fully documented so they can be managed directly, or by a new third party should they see fit.


We were able deploy the infrastructure with a speed and efficiency that they could not do themselves.  We helped to get the treatment to market much quicker, which was good for the bottom line, and good for the quality of life of their patients.

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