Business Consulting & Interim Management: International Expansion

Interim Management

Company: Marketing and Distribution of ethnical food products

Industry: Food

When: June 2012

Why did you seek intervention?

We have recently acquired a strong ethical brand, already established in the UK, with a lot of potential in USA and Africa. Currently we do not have international presence and need advice on the best business model to grow internationally, as well as help with setting up the structure and systems to support the scaling up and international reach.

What was the outcome from the engagement with BMIM?

  • Doubled our revenue within 1 year
  • Have incentive scheme that supports our growth objectives
  • Increased staff engagement.
  • Scalable infrastructure – we finally feel we can operate without our founder being involved in the day-to-day running of the business


BMIM have provided us with capability and capacity to enable our business’ international expansion.  We now have formula that works and could be replicated to any location we choose to have business presence.  Our staff is engaged and we are less dependent on our Founder. We have doubled our revenue just from expanding into the USA.

Download as PDF: Case Study_Business Consulting and Transformation Management_PDF


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