Effective Internal Recruitment

internal recruitment


The client is a software house with a very modern product designed to cater for the needs of multinational top 500 FTSE companies in the area of risk, compliance and governance. The software product had just been released and at the point of our engagement was being actively used by existing and potential clients. To distribute the product quicker the client used sister companies as first distribution channels which helped to generate case studies quickly. To move to the next stages of growth the client was in need of a number of skilled people, technical specialists as well as management. The problem was limited resources (time, people, money) to execute the plans.


We were engaged to help with the design of the organisation chart, distinguishing between now and 1-3 years in the future and identifying the priorities for filling in the roles, so to generate the highest return on the investment and facilitate the rapid growth. We also designed and managed the onboarding process for the first 100 days of the start date. To summarise, we were hired to fill the role of internal recruiter.

We had to work to tight deadlines because of the risk of competitors catching up, as well as the needs of the business plan.

We designed the organisational chart and put forward a case study for each role setting milestones and deadlines for every stage in the hiring process. We captured the essence of the company’s values and culture, so we could ensure organisational and cultural alignment. We designed role descriptions, developed person specification and their skills too. To access and attract the right candidates we used various social media tools and networking tactics. We then executed every stage, from telephone screening through to reference checking and onborading, including writing and implementing the training plans.

The challenge did not stop here. The business needs demanded restructuring of the existing team and the existing roles. This led to a number of redundancy cases which we were asked to handle. This created an unsettled feeling amongst the team and the sister companies. Staff begin to wonder if their jobs were safe. We therefore had to ensure that staff motivation was maintained and their feeling of security strong to ensure business as usual, by managing the change positively.

The outcome of our engagement was:

  • Increased company reputation by effective management of candidate pipeline
  • Created candidate waiting list as a back-up in case the new starters do not prove successful in a medium to long term.
  • Successful delivery of the dynamic recruitment plan
  • Negotiated lower rates with candidates than budgeted with the view that they will benefit in the long run.
  • Implemented a new recruitment methodology to ensure 90%+ success in the hiring process in a highly dynamic fast growing environment.
  • Created a database of potential candidates which can be used in the future.


As a result of the successes, we were asked to be internal recruiter for The Group of companies. The client has an effective recruitment system they can use any time and they have the right people in the right places performing to their expectations.

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