Partners FAQ

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Why do I want to partner with BMIM?

I want to partner because:

  • I would like to gain competitive advantage through enhanced offering.
  • I want better exposure in the market.
  • I want to raise brand awareness
  • I want to combine my technology with professional services.
  • I want to earn more without extra resources, keeping my independence too.

Am I eligible for partnership?

Yes, if I am a company registered in the UK, plus one of the following:

  • Similar target market and/or interest
  • Offering business products/services to solve major or specific problems.
  • Very influential, and with the interest of promoting business services.

Do I qualify to apply for partnership?

Yes, so long I am a limited company based in the UK, with a passion to help my clients solve business problems with product/services that are either interlinked with what I offer or impact directly what I offer.

Do I need to pay anything?

No, we do not charge for partnership.

What is expected of me?

To identify opportunities for collaboration in solving your clients problems whilst creating business value and growth.

How can I sign up?

1. Face-to-face meeting to agree type of partnership.
2. Agree the scope of the partnership: structure, accountability, collaborative work plans, validation/education on market & services, measures of success
3. Sign partnership agreement (if applicable)
4. Training: team of both parties understanding more each other’s business model, services/products, objectives of partnership and roles – one day induction, training pack and familiarisation with the brand.

How can we collaborate to generate more business?

By identifying new business opportunities and referring qualified leads, encouraging positive word-of-mouth, expanding our network and market exposure.

How can I refer?

Contact Fiona on 0791 481 5241 or

Who should I refer to BMIM?

A founder or a senior decision maker of an established Private Limited Company,

  • With 5 to 250 employees
  • At least one registered office in London or the South East of England
  • The company must be either preparing for change or experiencing change i.e. growth, downsizing, merger, acquisition, transformation etc.

In what situation can I refer or recommend BMIM?

When I see that a company is going through change (, i.e. growth, downsizing, merger, acquisition, transition, etc.) and their resources (time, people, money) are imbalanced causing high levels of stress:

  • unachievable time pressures
  • reduced profitability and cash flow
  • poor delivery
  • damaged customer relationships
  • low employee morale

What makes us different from our competitors?

  • One-stop-service for all your business services: we offer, under one umbrella, complimentary specialist skills in Finance, HR, Operations (including IT).
  • A blend of offering comprising of professional services, interim management and technology
  • Product leadership – Our solutions incorporate the latest thinking and our deep understanding of our key market segments
  • Customer Intimacy – our focus is on you and your unique business needs. Our employees engage at all levels to better understand and serve your needs.
  • Operational Excellence – we approach delivery with urgency, proactively combining it with quality and affordable and flexible pricing that others cannot match.

What is my monetary reward for referrals?

Tier reward level Bi-Annual referral requirement Reward: referral fee
Bronze 1-4 referrals 3%
Silver 5-9 referrals 5%
Gold 10+ referrals 10%

How long is the partnership for?

For as long as there are mutual benefits that both parties recognise and value.

What happens after I have referred a lead?

We will keep you informed of each milestone reached by your referral. Your commission will be paid 30 days after the first payment has been made.


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