Management Training/Workshop Packages

Maximise creativity, increase productivity and create culture of innovation within your organisation

Achieving Personal Greatness Training/Workshops

Why use this training?

  • Enhance your personal ability to create and innovate
  • Fulfil your personal potential and become a top performer
  • Reach out to all individual possibilities

How we help you achieve personal greatness?

  • Personal development and skills building
  • Mentoring for senior managers and professionals
  • Workshops for MDs, CEOs in advanced techniques and methods: drop in public sessions

Achieving Leadership Greatness Training/Workshops

Why use this training?

  • Become effective leader and increase your circle of influence
  • Be the leader appointed by your team, not just by the company
  • Learn how to set your team for success and produce breakthrough results

How we help you achieve leadership greatness?

  • Design experiential in-house training and events
  • In-house Board Workshops
  • In-house Senior Management Workshops
  • Assist leaders with development of interpersonal skills


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Achieving Organisational Greatness Training/Workshops

Why use this training?

  • Create impact, energy, creativity: ‘clean’ the organisational culture
  • Align the mission of the individual with the mission of the organisation – co-mission
  • Provide focus and better decision-making
  • Enhance the organisation’s ability to solve critical problems
  • Learn how to create unlimited possibilities for the organisation

How we help you achieve organisational greatness?

  • Identify systematic organisational issues
  • Advice on organisation wide interventions
  • Inter-organisational collaboration projects
  • Assist with the development of Board strategy
  • International collaboration projects
  • Design process to deliver the highest level outcomes
  • High value/high consequences, high value/risk projects

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