IT Recruitment

IT recruitment


Our client was involved in the offshore sector with a worldwide footprint.  IT services were provided by a primary supplier in London, supplemented by local suppliers worldwide.  Significant staff growth meant that their IT costs had escalated accordingly.


Historically, IT was overseen by the FD, but as the organisation had grown, this was no longer practical, due to a heavy workload and inadequate knowledge. The current provider was thought to be performing well, but as the IT expenditure had scaled with staff numbers, it was felt that greater oversight was now required.


We met to discuss the new role, how it would look and the skills and attributes required, and drew up a job description.  We also talked to the outsource provider to gain their buy-in and opinions.

We then drafted an online advert and sifted the incoming CVs.

We went on to perform 15 telephone interviews, and 5 face-to-face interviews, and finally sent a shortlist to the client for their own internal recruitment process.

The outcome from the intervention:

A candidate was unanimously agreed, and 18 months later, is still there !


We were able to provide high quality candidates, and being from a tech background, we knew the qualities to look for and the questions to ask.  The fee for the whole process was substantially below that charged by an agency for such a senior hire.

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