How do we engage with you?

Approach & Methodology

Our Approach – providing clear view of complex problems

Needs Analysis

We seek to deeply understand you, your business and the problems. We open up our knowledge hub.

You discover where you are on your journey to greater organisational maturity with the BMIM Assessment Tool

Readiness Assessment

Problem resolution requires commitment from both sides

We scope the engagement and quantify the value we can create based on your readiness to change


Link insight, tools and ideas to drive value creation
Aspirations and evidence collide to create possibilities. We agree priorities and how the money will be paid.

Value Creation

Insight surface. Problems are solved. Tools are created. We can see together how the impact will occur.

We design the programme by breaking it down into value chunks, so you can walk away at the end of each segment.


We work together as partners at every step of the project.

We provide focused delivery, support and train your team and transfer our knowledge.

Follow up We stick around to ensure you get the results you aspired to at the outset


Your organisational capabilities expand with each cycle and you make little investment before you see a pay off.
Intentional evaluation and dialogue often surface emerging needs that can lead to new projects.

We recognise that sometimes you just want ‘off the shelf’ solution. We can still work with you to create the ‘readiness’ conditions, whilst providing you with a quick and appropriate solution that gives you a path for immediate progress.

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